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The Legend of 3 Angels and Me!

Once upon a time
In a friendly neighborhood,
Four little girls became dear friends
As their Mothers knew they would.

They played lots of games
And shared their toys,
It wasn't long before
They giggled about boys.

They soon grew older
And in their teens,
Wearing saddle shoes
And turned up blue jeans.

Florence was the first
To wed her favorite man,
The other three were all
A part of her wedding plan.

They traveled the world over
To far and distant shores,
Raising a family of six
Was their loving chore.

Ethel was the next one
To wed and have 3 boys,
Then 6 grands were added
These blessings were their joys.

Til one day they were dealt
An overwhelming blow,
Their beloved Melissa Joy
Was their first family to go.

Fran was next to wed her man
When John swept her off her feet,
He moved her down to Philly
To a house on Folsom Street.

But all too soon he had to leave
When illness took his life,
Tho' he left his loving son
To watch over his beloved wife.

Jane had a wonderful career
Of styling everyone's hair,
Until Art came back to town one day
And told her that he cared.

Theirs is a beautiful love story
One that's really cool,
For the first time that they met
Was the very first day of school!

You're wondering where the legend
Of three Angels does fit in??
Well, I intend to tell you
And now I will begin.

For over 60 years
We girls have been good friends,
We've loved, and cared so deeply
Our friendship never ends.

This Angel pin reminds me
Of the other three,
For when I wear my Angel pin
They're always here with me.

So wear your Angels proudly
Let them always be your guide,
Know the other three will forever...
Be right there at your side.

Ethel M. Sandstrom 2000

(I wrote this poem for my 3 dearest friends, and gave them each an Angel pin(like the one above),along with this poem. For over 60 years, we have remained close in heart. We met for lunch everytime we could, and enjoyed reminiscing and sharing stories of our lives. This past year, our beloved Fran left for her Heavenly Home. The three of us stood together saying Good-Bye to our dear friend.... wearing our Angel pins! We now have a special Angel to watch over us.)

Rest Well Dear Fran... we miss you and love you!


~~60 Years Later~~

This Midi is: "There's a Time for Us"