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Daddy's Little Girl

My father was a wonderful man... who died much too
young!! At 38 years, he was diagnosed with tuberculosis.
He entered a Sanatarium for tubercular patients and
was there until his death at 42 yrs. He was well liked
by all who knew him. He was active in the ambulance
group in our town, the firemen's association, and was
treasurer and helped found the local sportsmen's club.
He was the eldest of 4 children, and a Wonderful Father!!
Though he's been gone for many years... I still miss him!!
I wrote this poem to honor him and was fortunate to win
1st Place in a world wide competition.

My Heart Belongs to Daddy

My heart belongs to Daddy
A song for true,
It reminds me of my Father
As it brings a tear or two.

I remember years gone by
When I sat upon his knee,
I remember his handsom face
And the love he showered on me.

God took him home so early
He was a young and vital man,
His wisdom and his knowledge
Have made me who I am.

For many years I've missed him
Thoughts of him make me sad,
For even though I'm growing old
My heart still belongs to Dad!

Ethel M. Sandstrom 2002

This Midi is: "Daddy's Little Girl"