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Happy Birthday


October 4, 2003

Today, Felicia would have been

23 years old. It has been 9 months

since she left for her Heavenly Home.

I wrote something special to

commemorate this day, for

Chad and Felicia's family.

I know your grief...

I feel your pain...

May you always hold her

in your hearts.

With much love,


Forever remembered

Embraced by our love,

Linking our souls together

In heartache we go on.

Carrying our memories

Inside our hearts

As she soars in Heaven.


May she always be near

And her spirit close by,

Encircling our we

remember and cry.


Sharing her life

And the love that she gave,

Now watching o'er us

As we visit her grave.

Blessing us with her presence

Remembering her touch,

It breaks our hearts daily

As we miss her so much!!

Ethel M. Sandstrom 2003


This Midi is: "HE"

Felicia's Gravesite


Felicia's Angel will take you to another of her pages!


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