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When Melissa died, I became fascinated with ANGELS! As I studied them, it gave me a sense of peace. I could rest easy, knowing that while she was in the presence of our Saviour...she was also surrounded by His Angels. She would never be alone!

I have met so many parents and grandparents who have experienced this painful journey...the loss of a child or grandchild. I'd like to share some names of 'very' special Angels. Please remember them and their families in prayer.

The names of those Angels with websites are highlighted. Just click on their name to go to their site.





Mary Jo Sandstrom Birth Ralph & Ethel Sandstrom Rusty,



Joseph & Marie Brooks

Anton & Mary Sandstrom

Melissa Joy Sandstrom 16 Yrs. Randy Sandstrom

Terri Davis

Michelle J. Sandstrom Ralph & Ethel Sandstrom

LeRoy & Joyce Stitely

Felicia Mae Sanabria 22 Yrs. Patricia Sanabria & Julio Sanabria Jay & Scott Sanabria


Chad Sandstrom

Richard & Jennie Ramage

Carman Ayhala

Mikey Levandoski 7 Yrs. Mickey & Sharon Levandoski Mikki Graham Isabel Cheyney
Joseph Adam Kaminski 10 Yrs. Ray & Pat


Theresa & Michael Kaminski  
Robert Staron 25 Yrs. Walter & Ann Staron    
Ricky Moore 10 Yrs. Karen Moore   Mary Smith


Alice Nybeck

Matthew Leslie Albor 7 Mos. Les & Wendy Albor Twin

Patrick Albor

Lewis & Meda Hilfiger
Amy Wilson 20 Yrs. Jack & Linda Wilson Jaime Wilson  
Tammy Dieffenderfer 2 Days Donald & Lori Dieffenderfer Theresa, Debbie, & Dawn  
Melanie Wickman 3 Yrs. Elaine Wickman   Don & Joyce Wickman


Alice Nybeck

Ronnie Wickman 10 Mos. Don & Joyce Wickman   Alice Nybeck
Bobbie Overpeck   Mary Jane Nybeck    
Gordon Brooks Jr. 27 Yrs. Gordon & Anne Brooks Greg & Gayle Gordon & Deanie Brooks
Peter Ross Mogush 18 Yrs. Peter & Roxanne Mogush    
Todd Warren Lyman 23 Yrs. Kay Lyman    
Raymond & Carol Booth Birth Raymond & Blanche Booth Linda & Candy  
Kaitlynn Starkweather 10 Days Martin & Audra Starkweather   George & Audrey Aumick
Johnny Eadie 10 Yrs. John & Agnes Eadie Margie Eadie Wesneski  
Marsha K. Mase 15 Yrs. Richard & Sylvia Mase Twin  
Joan Manikowski   Fabian & Helen Manikowski    
Gail Hodder 14 Yrs. Robert & Joan Hodder    
Anna Marie Hayes Birth Sandra & Kenneth Hayes    
Johnny D. Anderson 3 1/2 Mos. Jessica & Steven Anderson David M. Anderson Steven & Pam Anderson

Rhonda & Mike Dumaw

Emma R. Brower 15 Mos.      
Tasha M. McNaughtan 6 Yrs. Susan Danforth & Tony McNaughtan Sr.

Step/George Martinez

Tyson & Tony Jr. Patricia & Eugene Danforth
Cynthia D. Fussell 9 1/2 Yrs. Hubert E. & Carolyn Fussell Jacob  
Joshua T. Sharpe 31 Days (SIDS) Steven & Jeanne Sharpe Katelyn, Austin, & Zachary Barbara Bottcher
Cassandra L. Silva 16 Yrs. Tony & Tricia Silva Jeff, Nick, & Kaitlynn Joyce & Alfred Beaulieu

Tony & Marie Silva

Jonathan D. Pace 5 Yrs. Mike & Sonya Pace Victoria Morgan  
Jennifer J. Evans 24 Yrs. Hank & Jody Evans Christy & Kimi Virginia D'Isa Davidson
Jessica M. Eggen 2 Yrs. 8 Mos. Cindy & Eric Eggen Trevor J. Susan & George Vose
Jonathon Edwards 19 Yrs. Dean & Lori Edwards Justin & Shanna Joyce Edwards

Ralph & Sandi Mundis

Robin Elizabeth Dumwaw 11 Yrs. Cindy & John Dumwaw    
Owen James Miller 2 Yrs. Tony & Angie Miller    
Alexandra S. Whitmer 2 1/2 Yrs. Jennifer & Harry Whitmer Zachary, Skylin, & Jordyn Granny & Poppy Richards
Melissa Leigh O'Kinsky 18 Yrs. Barry & Pam O'Kinsky Beth L.  
Michael Miller 19 Yrs. Ed & Carole Miller Sheri McVicar, Debbi & Denise Miller  
Meighan (Megs) T. Clarke 18 Yrs. Cheryl Norman & Francis Clarke

Step Parents

Deirdre McCormack

Denis Cadieux

Cody Clarke

Erin McCormack

Shirley & Ray Norman

Tom & Marge Clarke

GG Florence Jean-Louis

Shawn P. Collins 23 Yrs. Leann & Eddie Collins Todd& Stacy Beloved Father of: Kyle T. E. Collins
Heidi Allyn Reed 21 Yrs. Paul & Judy Reed Scott H.  
Andrew C. Hooker 4 Yrs. Craig & Doris Hooker Megan  
Tanya Raye Womack 20 Yrs. Bonnie Walton & James Womack Karla Womack & Sheila Meadows Beloved Mother of: Tristan Yesalovich
Melissa Renee Davis 2 Mos. 4 Days Virginia Davis & Mark Halligan Joe & Kristina Davis & Jennifer Chrome  
Beth Ann Moore Still-


Lori & Shawn Moore Levi & Tony Eva Stone

Robert & Susan Moore

Bruce Arman 21 Yrs. Regis & Lois Skiffington Justin Lutz & Joshua Fortune Josephine Woodring
Michelle L. Davis 6 Yrs. 1 Mo. Ray & Linda Davis Robert, Greg & Kendra  
Romelo A. Rodriguez Still-


Danielle Caban & Carmelo Rodriguez Amber M. Rosado, Matthew & Michael Rodriguez  
William A. Copeland 5 Mos. 8 Days Buck & Lola Copeland Jason, Angela & Billy  
Michael A. Borsellino 18 Yrs. Tony & Kathy Ryan, Nick & Alyssa  
Tatum Lee Route 16 Yrs. Jeannie Lee & Kevin Route Brennan Matthews, Kalob & McKenzey Route Robert E. Lee

Dorothy & Richard Moyer

Marylin & Alfred Route

Kenneth Morton Jr. 4 Mos. Kenneth & Girly Morton Sr. Beloved Godson  
Brittany Alyssa Mastronardi 11 Yrs. Tony & Eadie Mastronardi Jared Mastronardi Maria & Eduardo Charamba
Ray Carrol Childree, Jr. 16 Yrs. Ray Sr. & Melba Childree Tracy, Melissa, Marshall & Angela Claude & Ela Myrtle Childree

William & Bobbie McCarthy

GG Vera McCarthy

Chad Heaman 6 Yrs. Ken & Kathy Heaman Kirby & Brett
Angel Luis


21 Yrs.

6 Mos.

Maria Vega

Domingo Ortiz


Martha Sherlock

Crystal & Amelia Garcia

Edward & Malinda Knouse

Emmett Sherlock

Luz Celinia Crespo & Reyes Vega

Gilbert & Jane Martinez



The above children are ALL FOREVER ANGELS!!

If you would like your child's name added to this list...please email me with the information. I must limit the family to: Parents, Siblings, & Grandparents, GGrands, Fiance, or Child of the deceased. Space will not permit a listing of all who loved these children.

As much as I would like to list all deceased children, I must stop with those who passed on before age 30 years. For many others beyond that age have pre-deceased their parents, and there would not be room to list them all.

We all feel blessed to have had these children in our lives. We were all "TOUCHED BY ANGELS".

(Click on the above angel to email me)


This Midi is: "My Heart Will Go On"

This page was redone September 6, 2003

Updated October 13, 2004