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Happy Birthday

Heavens Angels!!!

Heavens Angels was born June 14, 2001.

This was a gift from Guardian DeDe!
Thanks so much!

Another gift...from Guardian Pam!
Thanks a bunch!

These are a few of the "fun" events that took

place during this first year birthday party!! I was

fortunate to win several awards, which I am

pleased to share with you!

All "poets" were asked to write about Heavens Angels... I was pleased to win 3rd Place!!!
You can read my poem and the 1st & 2nd place winning poems by clicking on my award!
June 6, 2002

This was SO much fun!!!

Well, I didn't do SO bad...3rd Place!!
June 18, 2002

Wow!!! Another Winner!!!

(I'm very proud of this poem, as it reflects my feelings for my Father)

Joseph James Brooks

Another "fun" game!!

I made 100 words...some made more!

This Midi is: "Fascination"