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Interesting Angel Facts

In my research of Angels... I have gathered many

interesting facts! I would like to share some with you.

An Angel is a supernatural being who mediates between

God and mortals. Angels are held to minister over all living

things in the natural world, and all things in the cosmos.

The term Angel comes from the Greek "angelos", which

means messenger. In Persian, "angaros" means courier.

In Hebrew, the term is "malakh", which means messenger.

The name refers to the Angel's primary duty--to shuttle

back and forth between realms, bringing human prayers

to Heaven and returning with God's answers.

There is a chief Angel for each day of the week:

Sunday: Michael

Monday: Gabriel

Tuesday: Samuel

Wednesday: Raphael

Thursday: Sachiel

Friday: Annel

Saturday: Cassiel

There are seven angels who rule the seven astrological planets.
They are responsible for the orbit of the planets through the
Heaven, as well as their place in the universe. These are the planets and
their Angel governors:

Sun: Michael

Mercury: Raphael

Mars: Samuel

Saturn: Cassiel

Moon: Gabriel

Venus: Annael

Jupiter: Sachiel

Choirs are the ranking of Angels in groups and tiers.

The SERAPHIM rank first and are closest to God.
Their name means "carriers of warmth".

The CHERUBIM are next.
They are the voice of divine wisdom.

The VIRTUES are Angels through whom God governs
the seasons, elements, heavens. They are in charge of
and are often referred to as the shining ones.

August 22nd is "BE AN ANGEL DAY".

On this day, we should do a special and anonymous favor for someone.


On this day, we should thank our Guardian Angels for the
help the have given us during the year.

Dolphins are called "Angels of the Sea!

The 'halo' became a symbol of heavenly beings in the 4th century. It signifies
divine radiance and the nearness to God--the Kingdom of Light. The halo, often
worn by angels, signifies a supernatural force and superior intellect and advanced
spiritual development. Many cultures use the halo, including the ancient Egyptians,
Greeks, Indians, Romans and Christians.


More facts will be added as I accumulate them.

This midi is "ONE SWEET DAY"

Updated October 3, 2004

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