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Our Special Friendship!

Friendships come and friendships go
But ours is here to stay,
We've passed the test so many times
No one can take ours away.

We have an understanding
Whether near or far apart,
For we've been friends so many years...
Connected by our hearts.

When one of us is really happy
Or feeling so much pain,
We just take up where we left off
As the dearest of friends again.

You cared for me these past few months
You saved my sanity,
For losing my beloved Melissa
Took it's toll on me.

The first three months were the very worst
You called me every day,
There's NO way I could have endured the pain
Without show the way.

I felt my life was over
I didn't want to live,
You gave me the courage to go on
With all you had to give.

You cried with me and prayed with me
You sent me many cards,
You even made me smile again
With your loving and caring words.

They say everyone has a Guardian Angel
We don't usually know their name,
But I am very fortunate...
My Angel's name is Jane!!

Ethel M. Sandstrom 1999

((((((((((Me-----Jane)))))))))) ((((((((((Jane-----Me))))))))))


Jane and I met when we were 4 years old, and have remained dear friends
for over 66 years!!! I could never have made it through the loss of my
beloved granddaughter Melissa... without Jane's help.

I love Forever Friend!

This Midi is: "Smile Though Your Heart is Breaking"