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Laura Ann Kimble

November 5, 1968~~~October 19, 2002

This page is dedicated to

Laura's Mom... Ann.

July 23rd marks the day that

Laura had surgery... she never

fully recovered. In October

she left for Heaven. The pain in

a Mother's heart canNOT be


To Ann with love...Cuppy

How can I mend your broken heart?

How can I fill the void?

Now that your beloved Laura's left

Taking the life you enjoyed.

How can I fill your lonely days?

How can I compensate?

For the loss that you feel every hour

Since Laura reached Heaven's Gate.

How can I ease the pain that you feel?

Missing her more every day,

How can I help you heal your heart?

When Laura's so far away.

The only way that I know how

Is to be my BEST... as your friend,

Loving you...being here for you

Helping your heart to mend.

As Laura looks down from her Heavenly Home

And prays that your life will become,

One filled with happiness and contentment

For that's what she wants for her MOM!

Ethel M. Sandstrom 7/23/04

This Midi is: "Laura"