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My Angel Daughter

A mother carries her babe

Just beneath her heart,

For whatever length of time

This baby is a large part.

For a mother's love begins

From the moment that she learns,

This child is growing deep within

And for motherhood she yearns.

I knew my babe was a girl

From the very first moment on,

I wanted her so desperately

To grow up with my 3 sons.

If she had lived

I'd have given her all my love,

My beautiful baby daughter

Who was born to Heaven above.

But since she went to Heaven

So many years ago,

I've missed being her mother...

My darling, Mary Jo!

Written with love,

in honor of

Mary Jo's 40th Heaven Date

Copyrightę 2002 Ethel M. Sandstrom

This beautiful gift was made with so much love by

My two Angels in Heaven

I Love you Both...SO much!!