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A Mother's Love

A Mother's love begins in the womb

For the child she carries under her heart,

And she prays to the Lord above

That the two will never be apart.

She nurtures and loves this child of hers

Through sickness and health with a loving hand,

She protects her child every step of the way

And shares all the knowledge of life that she can.

And when this child is grown and away

She marvels at the woman she's become,

She's proud of the task she completed

A loving Mother who's love's work is done.

But when this child is taken away

No matter the age...young or old,

The pain is the most overwhelming

To see your child grow cold.

Your dreams of the future suddenly disappear

Your life has no meaning as before,

Your child is gone...your heart broken in pieces

Life without her... is NO life evermore!

Ethel M. Sandstrom©July 2004

I dedicate this poem to all Mothers who have
lost a child... either sex, any age... the pain is shared
by All Mothers. I have met So many Mothers who
share this heartache....

With love to all,

This Midi is: "Goodbye to Love"