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Our Preemie Angel

Our days are filled with thoughts of you

Our nights abound with prayer,

For every moment life's uncertain

Your fate hangs in the air.

To some you still aren't really real

With those I disagree,

For I have seen you move about

Under Mommy's see.

It's much too soon for you to birth

You're much too tiny to survive,

With anxious hearts we pray for you

Our preemie angel... to stay alive!

My love for you is ever strong

My faith is stronger still,

For God will see you safely through

Your birth... my love...HE will.

Your day is here, it's much too soon

You arrived in your own special way,

Our little one just couldn't wait

Our thoughts are...will she stay??

For you are much too small we fear

To make it through the day,

As we stand by so helplessly

Through many tears we pray.

Three months have passed

Since your unexpected arrival,

Our prayers continue every day

Heaven's blest us with your survival.

101 days in NICU

Your battle has been won,

With grateful hearts we thank the Lord

Our preemie angel's coming home!

Written by Gram
Copyright 2003 Ethel M. Sandstrom

This page is dedicated to my teenie granddaughter

Ashlee Marie

1 lb. 4 oz. at birth!!!
12 1/2 inches

(I wrote this poem while awaiting Ashlee's
birth...added to it shortly after...and
finished it the day she came home)



~Background by Gram~
(Ashlee in her Cabbage Patch
Doll Nightie!)