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Yesterday, I attended the funeral of a beloved cousin.

Mary Alice Smith

Her eldest daughter read this poem she wrote in honor of her

beloved Mother. I'd like to share it with you.



I've cried a million tears this year

And just when I thought I was done,

Pain and sorrow came back in

And I cried another one.

A special lady left today

That breaks my heart in two,

Rain clouds came, the sun went away

Lord, she went to be with you.

She was my Mommy

When I was a little girl,

And as I grew to be a woman

My mentor and best friend too.

She never met a stranger

As they always became a friend,

She talked to everyone she met

No matter where or when.

If you needed someone to lean on

Mom was always there,

Taking in all the strays

There was always enough to share.

She loved everyone in equal measure

Mother, Sister, Brother, Friend,

Her children and grandchildren

Were special treasures till the end.

Now she's smiling down upon us

Doing cartwheels in the sky,

Sitting on the porch swing

With her father by her side.

I'm in a better place now

She softly whispers in my ear,

And please keep all the happy memories

They'll help chase away your tears.

Written in loving memory


your devoted daughter

Karen A. Roupp

May 30, 2003

This Midi is: "Amazing Grace"

June 1, 2003