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What is a grandchild?

A grandchild is unconditional love...

A grandchild is an extension of the one who

matters most in your life...your own child!

A grandchild touches your heart from the

first moment of birth. In a way you never

dreamed possible.

A grandchild carries your hopes and dreams,

yet to be...a future filled with love and happy times.

A grandchild means hugs and kisses, given to

warm your heart and fill it with fond memories.

A grandchild means pride in watching them

grow, pain when they stumble, and more pride

when they rise above obstacles before them.

A grandchild is your window to the world, seen

through the eyes of an innocent child.

A grandchild can be everything you want as a

person. Nurtured and loved, they will carry on

where you leave off.

A grandchild can also cause you the most

overwhelming heartache you have ever known...

when you have to watch them leave this world

for God's Arms. For this is not the natural

order of life. And a grandparent then knows

the double pain of losing this child, and also

watching your own child in tremendous pain.

In living... Melissa brought her family the

greatest joy we've ever known. In dying...

the greatest pain we have ever experienced.

We are still grateful to God for 16 years of

her presence. We look forward to being with

her again one day.

Melissa is sadly missed and forever loved...

by her family and friends.

January 5, 1979----March 9, 1995

Written with love, by Gram


This candle burns in loving memory of Melissa.

Gone, but never forgotten.

Melissa left us on March 9, 1995 during an asthma attack.

Our lives ceased to exist at that moment in time... Our family circle

was broken... Our hearts forever saddened.

This Midi is "Hopelessly Devoted to You"